Greg Forrester is a published short story writer, PhD candidate, editor, and founding member of Bandit Fiction, a not-for-profit digital publishing company. His PhD, entitled ‘Magical Realism and Northern Identity‘, is an experimental novella and short story collection inspired by the folklore and current political climate of the North East of England. While at university, he ran the Creative Writing society for a number of years, and during his MA studied, published an anthology of works by the student cohort. He has volunteered at writing festivals, supported writers in their development, and ran fiction workshops.

Published Works

Greg started writing as a teenager, creating fantasy worlds which (thankfully) never saw the light of day. Nowadays, Greg writes mostly magical realist works, inspired by folklore, mythology, and the North East of England. He has had stories published by Fairlight Books and TL;DR Press, with numerous other stories in development.

PhD in Creative Writing

A Creative Writing PhD is unlike most other PhDs. It’s unlike most other forms of study in general. Follow Greg’s blog to find out more about what he’s doing, how he applied, what it involves, and more.

Writing Mentorships

Greg has worked with numerous writers at various stages of their writing journeys, guiding them through the process, aiding them to think more deeply about their fiction, and supporting them through the challenges of writing. He offers an affordable and customizable service for writers looking for support.


Greg has a keen editorial eye honed through years of study and practice. He offers editing services for short stories at accessible rates.

Coming Soon

Study Material

In the near future, Greg will be launching a weekly series of blog posts which direct writers through close readings of various texts. Inspired by his experience studying BA and MA degrees, these posts will explore the notions of theme, character development, the technical aspects of prose, and more.

Bandit Fiction

Bandit Fiction is a not-for-profit digital publishing company which aims to give additional opportunities to new and emerging writers. They publish prose, poetry, and narrative non-fiction direct to their website, and are always open for submissions.

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