Football – 10 Tough Questions

Photo by Vienna Reyes on Unsplash


  1. The world transfer record has been broken by the same player more than once four times. Alf Common and David Jack each broke the record twice prior to the 1930s, but who are the other two players?
  2. Who is the highest-scoring African player in Champions League history?
  3. How many countries have won the World Cup just once?
  4. Who is the top-scoring English player in Premier League history to have never won a senior cap for his country?
  5. The 2002 Champions League final between Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen is famous for Zinedine Zidane’s spectacular volley, as Real Madrid won 201. But who scorer Bayer Leverkusen’s goal?
  6. Of all players still playing in La Liga, who has scored the most goals, but has never played for either Real Madrid or Barcelona?
  7. Which of these players does not have a World Cup winners medal: Miroslav Klose, Alberto Gilardino, Anthony Martial, or Juninho Paulista?
  8. Which team were the last team to win the Uefa Cup, before it was rebranded as the Europa League?
  9. in the 20/21 season, which Serie A club has the stadium with the lowest maximum capacity?
  10. Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano scored 6 goals for Argentina from 6 caps, and 23 goals from 31 caps for Spain. But he also appeared in 4 unofficial games (without scoring) for which other country?

How was that? Do you think you’ve done well?

Click through to the next page to reveal the answers, and once you’ve marked your answers, drop your score in the comments below. Let’s see how you do.

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