“I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shoveling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.” – Shannon Hale

Editing is painful. After suffering over a keyboard for hours, editing, that devil on your shoulder, tells you to delete it all. For some of us, that’s our first experience of editing, a mass delete on content retrospectively deemed not good enough. For others, our introduction to editing comes as we write, revisiting sentences and paragraphs as we go, once we’re in our flow, and touching them up. That’s just two ways people edit – there’s many, many others. But one thing all forms of editing have in common is that they’re tough. Mentally they’re tough; emotionally they’re stuff.

But don’t worry, because I’m here to help.

I’ve studied writing for years, learning editing tricks from established writers; I’ve edited and copy-edited work for many authors with Bandit Fiction, working with them to polish and perfect their stories; and I’ve edited my own work, both published and not-published pieces.

At this time, I am only offering this editing service for stories less than 7000 words.

How I’ll Help


I’ll go through your work with a fine tooth comb (I hope my laptop screen doesn’t get scratched!) , searching for typos, errors in punctuation and grammar, and inconsistencies. I’ll be there to help when you’re so deep into your story that you can’t see the wood for the trees.

Developmental Editing

I’ll also support your prose, looking deeply at the descriptions you use and the images you conjure and seeing if there’s any areas which can be tightened up. I’ll look at how your story flows, and the pacing of sentences and paragraphs.

The standard turnaround time for editing is no more than two weeks. However, a quicker turnaround can be agreed for a small increase in fee.


Editorial work is charged at £0.01 a word.

That works out as £10 (roughly $13) per 1000 words

Discounted pricing will be provided to students, the unemployed, and those underrepresented within the traditional writing community, including, but not limited to: BAME, LGBTQ, and working class writers.

As this is a new service, I’m offering a free editing for the first five customers, up to 3,500 words, and 50% off editing (that’s £5/$6.50 per 1000 words) for the first twenty customers, up to 8,000 words.

Prior to any money changing hands, we’ll fully agree all the details on the editing work taking place, as well as me understanding if there’s any particular elements you’d like me to focus on. In addition, payment is split 50/50: one payment prior to work beginning, and one after receipt for the finished editorial.

Get In Touch

If you’re interested in having me edit your work, then get in touch using the form below. .

Or, if you’d like to make a quick, informal query, you can get in touch with me via WhatsApp.