Writing Mentorships

A friend to help cultivate your ideas, support you through the hard times, and celebrate your successes with you.

Writing can be a lonely craft. Hours spent in front of a laptop screen, an open notebook, toiling away trying to translate the ideas in your head into something tangible. It’s tough. Even when things are going well, when the creative juices are flowing, it’s tough.

That’s where I come in.

With my Writing Mentorship programme, I’ll utilise all the skills I’ve picked up – through my studies (I hold BA and MA degrees in Creative Writing, and am currently working on a PhD in the same discipline), my time running writing workshops, my time running Bandit Fiction, and my general writing activities – to support you and your writing. I’ll mentor you through the tough times and the tricky sentences with writing activities and prompts; I’ll look to build on your knowledge through guided reading and close studies of texts and authors; I’ll carry out research alongside you; and I’ll constantly ask questions of you and your work, making you think deeply about your practice.

What’s Available


No matter how far you are through the writing process, I’ll be there to help develop your characters, your plot, your prose. Plot holes? We’ll work through them. Hit a wall in your story? We’ll find a way around that.


My goal isn’t just to help you create the best single story, it’s to push you, help you grow, nurture you as a writer so that you’re always developing. We’ll do this through writing exercises and study material, similar to how I learned at university.


A story rarely ends when the last word of the first draft. That’s merely the author telling themselves the story. I’ll be there with you as you reshape your story, offering feedback, supporting you through the tricky process of receiving feedback from others, until your story is the best it can be.


Once your work is ready to go out to agents or publishing houses, I’ll work with you to research the most suitable places, and be there to support you through any rejections.

* A specific focus on copy-editing is not included as part of this service. While working through your story I will, of course, point out any errors or improvements I can see, but no time will be dedicated towards looks for errors such as typos or mistakes in punctuation and grammar.


The golden question. Because of the nature of the service, it’s impossible to have set prices for this service, with factors such as the level of support desired and the target word count of the project playing a huge part in how any request will be priced.

Pricing will always be agreed ahead of time, and for larger, more expensive projects, a payment plan can be agreed.

Pricing will be estimated based on the predicted amount of work required from myself.

My move into providing formal writing mentorships is a new venture. As such, I can assure you that all prices will reflect this.

Discounted pricing will be provided to students, the unemployed, and those underrepresented within the traditional writing community, including, but not limited to: BAME, LGBTQ, and working class writers.

Prior to any payments being made, the precise nature of the support will be agreed and fully outlines. Before we start, you’ll know exactly what support you’ll be receiving: how and how often we’ll be in touch, exactly what support you’ll be receiving each time, and when that support will end. Should any writer wish for continued support, a discounted, rolling price can be provided and agreed.

As this is a new service, I’m offering a free, limited service to the first five people who sign up for writing mentorship. We’ll be able to work on a single aspect of writing for up to a month, and, after that, if you’d like to continue, you’ll receive an exclusive discount

Get In Touch

If you’re interested in having me as your writing mentor, then get in touch using the form below. Provide me with as much information as possible so that an accurate estimated price can be prepared, and I’ll be in touch as soon as I can, either with a price quote or asking for more information.

Or, if you’d like to make a quick, informal query, you can get in touch with me via WhatsApp.